Group positioning system : a tool to visualize the journey of startup creators

Bonazzi, Riccardo (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO Valais-Wallis))

This paper refers to how entrepreneurs learn in contexts of high uncertainty, by comparing two approaches to entrepreneurship (known as causation and effectuation), which are two alternatives to support decisions of startup creators. We propose to analyze the evolution of common ground between the startup creator and the surrounding environment, by measuring the mutual understanding and the resource shared among the entrepreneur and the startup team. Previous studies show that a team with high common ground is more efficient, but they do not describe how to monitor its progression in real-time. We propose a process and a tool that allows to collect relevant data and to represent the updated path of a startup team in less than two minutes. Our preliminary data collection allows inducing a set of possible paths that entrepreneurs can decide to follow to create their firm, and it shows how causation and effectuation complement each other.

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full paper
Economie et Services
HEG VS HES-SO Valais-Wallis - Haute Ecole de Gestion & Tourisme
Institut Entrepreneuriat & Management
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Athens, Greece, 2-4 July 2015
Athens, Greece
2-4 July 2015
11 p.
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Proceedings of the 31th European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS) Colloquium. Organizations and the examined life : reason, reflexivity and responsibility. Sub-theme 28: Entrepreneurial Design and Designing Entrepreneurship 2015
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