Challenges to the learning organization in the context of generational diversity and social networks

Kaminska, Renata (SKEMA Business School, Université Côte d'Azur (GREDEG), Sophia-Antipolis, France) ; Borzillo, Stefano (Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, HES-SO // University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland)

Purpose : The purpose of this paper is to gain a better understanding of the challenges to the emergence of a learning organization (LO) posed by a context of generational diversity and an enterprise social networking system (ESNS). Design/methodology/approach : This study uses a qualitative methodology based on an analysis of 20 semi-structured interviews in a high-tech organization and internal company documents relating to the introduction of a new, centralized ESNS. Findings : This study uncovers fundamental differences between Generation X and Y employees regarding their ESNS adoption and use. While Xers take more time to adopt the new centralized ESNS introduced into the company, their use seems in line with the company culture and corporate norms of behavior. At the same time, even if Yers are faster ESNS adopters, they use it as they use Facebook disregarding the hierarchy and organizational boundaries. This creates tensions between Generation X and Y and undermines the formation of the LO. Research limitations/implications : As conclusions are specific to a context of a single organization, the authors recommend other case studies, to enrich the findings. Originality/value : By highlighting how the use of social networks modifies who has the power and the control over knowledge in an organization, this paper enriches the theory on the LO. It has implications for managers wishing to design LOs in the context of intergenerational diversity.

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