Be rich yet, others might see you as poor : the mediating effect of family performance

Sowon, Kim (Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, HES-SO // University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland)

The purpose of our study is to shed light on the effects of family supportive supervisor behaviors via the performance of the subordinates in their family life. Using the work - family conflict and work - family enrichment theoretical frameworks, we seek to un derstand how employees’ self - reported family performance impacts their job performance (evaluated by their supervisors) as well as employees’ own perception of well - being. Our study includes 120 supervisor - subordinate dyads and 471 subordinates across thre e organizations located in Chile, Argentina and The Philippines. We find that family performance is negatively related to job performance when employees are high in their desire to help others at their workplace; we also find that it is positively related to their own levels of energy and health. Implications and future research directions are discussed.

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full paper
EHL Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne
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Barcelona, Spain, 1-3 July 2015
Barcelona, Spain
1-3 July 2015
33 p.
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Proceedings of the International Conference on Work and Family 2015
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