The Open Archive of the faculties of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland HES-SO (Arodes HES-SO) was born in 2015 of the will of the Business, management and services faculty, and was extended to all faculties of HES-SO in 2017.

It responds to the wishes of the various components of the HES-SO:

The HEG-GE library is the business owner of ArODES and ensures the consistency of the data entered by the various actors of our libraries.

To get further information about the whole process, please consult the users’ guidelines of the Open Archive. You will also find the different roles and responsibilities of the researchers, referents and librarians.

You are a researcher or a referent and you want to announce a new publication? While common rules have been defined at HES-SO, the six domains have slightly different processes and constraints. For this reason, please refer to the information in your domain.

For the moment, the following domains are active on the ArODES platform:

The library also provides you with information about copyright and Open Access.