Thinking under Turbulence

Mende, Doreen (HEAD - Genève, Haute école d'art et de design, HES-SO // Haute école spécialisée de Suisse occidentale)

Thinking under turbulence operates in transgenerational time. It demands to question the dominance of one school of critique or one culture for taking collective positions. Thinking under turbulence departs and inscribes itself in our lived experiences as planetary subjects from which we must re-engineer our thinking. In other words, if there is “slow violence” (Rob Nixon) that inscribes itself across generations and geographies—often at thresholds of undetectability—then there must be slow revolution that stands with “revolutionary patience” as blogger and theorist Mark Fisher argued a year ago. More needs to be done. Contributors and interlocutors to Thinking under Turbulence are Nabil Ahmed, Ursula Biemann, Yann Chateigné, Laboria Cuboniks/Helen Hester, Gregory Dapra, Kodwo Eshun, Anselm Franke, Laure Giletti, Fabien Giraud, Pierre Hazan, Yoneda Lemma, Armin Linke, Doreen Mende, Eric Philippoz, Griselda Pollock, farid rakun (ruangrupa), Gene Ray, Ida Soulard, Françoise Vergès and Eyal Weizman, among others, in conversation with CCC-students 2015/16 Aurélien Ballif, Naouel Ben Aziza, Marie Berthout Van Berchem, Mandarava Bricaire, Duke Choi, Marguerite Davenport, Ana Raquel Ermida Gomes, Emmanuelle Esmail-Zavieh, Camille Kaiser, Charlyne Kolly, Alba Lage, Viola Lukács, Raphaëlle Mueller, Diego Orihuela, Camilla Paolino, Charles-Elie Payré, Julia Pecheur, Geneviève Romang, Stéphanie Serra, Dragos Tara, Adelina Tsagkari, Tina Wetchy and Yael Wicki. All contributions are original material in 192 pages. Thinking under Turbulence is conceived as a working-journal, as print- and online-version, in eleven sequences and one sequel. It brings together voices of closed seminars and public moments of one year Thinking under Turbulence: Geneva Colloquium which framed the 2015/16 transition of the CCC Research-Based Master Programme of the Visual Arts Department at the Haute école d’art et de design, HEAD – Genève.

Design et Arts visuels
HEAD - Genève
HEAD Institut de recherche en art et en design - IRAD
Genève, Motto books
Motto books
CCC Research Master and PhD-Forum
192 p.
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