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000000805 245__ $$bA new measurement suggestion based on online search queries. Application to luxury hotel brands$$aFrom brand awareness to brand interest :
000000805 260__ $$c2014$$b6-9 October 2014$$aDubai, United Arab Emirates
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000000805 520__ $$aThe main objective of this paper is to  suggest a new construct “brand interest” as new component for  brand  equity  in  hospitality  and  how  it  could  measure.  Traditional  approaches  for  brand  awareness  measurement  are based  on  surveys  distributed  to  a  limited  participant.  On  contrary  our  approach, about  brand  interest, will  aim  to  collect  all  the  online  search  queries  made  by  customers  around  the  world  about  specific  brands.  Our  initial  motivation  was  to  embrace  the  future  with this  unique  opportunity of available data that we now call big data . This research is testing the feasibility of new  ways of data collection and new benchmarking tool for the hospitality industry with a specific focus  on luxury brands.  Methods initially used are  a literature review, followed by  quantitative  analysis  of  the search queries from different  market.  The main results indicate  convergence with classical brand  awareness;  however  our  findings  sugg est  that  the  measurement  of  our  new  construct  open  new  opportunities   for brand   performance   measurement   and   benchmarking,   demand   tracking   and  conversion,  assessment  of  online  and  offline  marketing  decisions  either  from  a  global  and  local  perspectives.$$9eng
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000000805 6531_ $$abrand  interest measurement$$9eng
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000000805 700__ $$aLaaroussi, Samad$$uEcole hôtelière de Lausanne, HES-SO // University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland
000000805 711__ $$d06/10/2014 / 09/10/2014$$cDubai, United Arab Emirates$$aEuroCHRIE conference 2014
000000805 773__ $$tProceedings of euroCHRIE Conference 2014
000000805 8564_ $$uhttps://hesso.tind.io/record/805/files/laaroussi_frombrandawareness_2014.pdf$$s344238
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